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Standard will help organisations climb CRC league table

Organisations that can demonstrate that they measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint could find themselves in a better starting position when the Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in next year.

The CRC is a carbon trading scheme that will effect around 5,000 organisations in both the public and private sector when it is introduced next spring.

Focusing on the big energy users, the CRC will require organisations to put cash into a central pot and then receive payouts according to how successful they have been in reducing carbon.

The scheme also aims to take into account the fact that those who have already taken steps to reduce their emissions will find it harder and more expensive to make further cuts.

One way it does this is to give extra credit to organisations that have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, a kitemark that shows a commitment to continual carbon cuts.

A year on from the standards launch, 100 organisations have been certified cutting the UK's emissions by 600,000 tonnes of carbon and saving over £50m in energy bills.

Harry Morrison, general manager of the Carbon Trust Standard Company said: "In just one year, we're proud to have certified 100 UK businesses but we expect this number to double over the next year as more businesses prepare for the Carbon Reduction Commitment in 2010.

"By achieving the standard, organisations will not only be in good stead for the CRC's first league table but will also be in a much stronger position to develop a long term strategy to reduce their environmental impact year on year."

Banking giant HSBC was the 100th achiever, following big brands such as Asda, Tesco, O2, Eurotunnel and Eversheds.

HSBC's chief technology and services officer, Sean O'Sullivan, said: "HSBC has long been committed to cutting carbon emissions. We became the first major bank to go carbon neutral in 2005.

"We're now delighted to have cut our carbon by another 10% and achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, thanks to a lot of hard work from people at all levels of our company.

"Reducing carbon emissions is part of our approach to corporate sustainability but also produces considerable savings that feed through to our bottom line."

Sam Bond


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